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Contact: Prof. Dr. Willi A. Kalender, Ph.D.

The development and the application of imaging modalities for medical diagnosis, therapy planning and support represent a major focus of the IMP's research activities. In particular, projects related to x-ray computed tomography (CT) are recognized worldwide and allowed the IMP to reach a leading position internationally. The basis for this are decades of experience in this field of the institute's director who, in addition to numerous original contributions to CT, developed spiral CT in 1989 and led it to its international breakthrough.

The Institute has its own modern whole-body CT scanner, the dual-source SOMATOM Definition, which is operated in direct cooperation with the manufacturer, Siemens AG Medical Solutions; it allows modifications and evaluation in clinical practice. The most recent activities focus on the introduction of area detectors for faster volume scanning, new approaches to dose reduction including efforts to establish an automatic exposure control and new clinical applications.

We presently focus on spiral CT imaging of the heart which was developed at the IMP in the 1990s, on image-based navigated interventions and therapy and on micro-CT. Dedicated scanners such as a CT-capable C-arm system and several micro-CT scanners of our own development are available for this.

Magnetic resonance tomography (a 1.5 T research scanner is available) , ultrasound in osteoporosis research, positron emission tomography and optical imaging complete the spectrum of activities.

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