Dr. Marek Karolczak, PhD

phone +49-(0)9131-85-25531

Arbeitsgebiete / Work Areas

  • Mikro-CT / X-ray microCT
  • Cone-Beam Röntgentomographie / Cone-Beam X-ray
  • CT-Bildrekonstruktion / Image reconstruction in CT
  • Detektoren für CT / Detectors for X-ray tomography
1976-1981 MSc in Nuclear and Medical Electronics, Warsaw Technical University, Poland
1993 PhD in Medical Electronics, Warsaw Technical University, Poland (summa cum laude
Professional career
2002 - pres. Adviser, CT Imaging GmbH, Erlangen, Germany
1997 - pres. Research Scientist, IMP, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Erlangen, Germany
1993 - 1997 Developer (CT-reconstruction hardware), MIR S.c., Warsaw, Poland
1994 Visiting Scientist, Uppsala University, Nuclear Physics, Uppsala, Sweden
1990 Physicist, Hopital St. Pierre, Nuclear Medicine, Brussels, Belgium
1989 Physicist, The Sahlgren Hospital, Nuclear Medicine, Göteborg, Sweden
1988 - 1989 Physicist, The Hospital for Sick Children, X-ray Dept., London, Great Britain
1985 Physicist, Warsaw Medical University, Nuclear Medicine Dept., Warsaw, Poland
1981 Visiting Fellow, DESY, Hamburg, Germany
1981 - 1997 Research Assistant, Warsaw Technical University, Faculty of Electronics, Poland
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