Artifact Phantom
Author: Marc Kachelrieß



To provide a phantom that reveals partial volume artifacts as well as stepping artifacts in three dimensions.


Phantom Description

The Artifact Phantom consists of several parts. All phantom parts have a density of twice the density of water. The complete phantom is contained in a infinitely long water cylinder with a diameter of 200 mm. It consists of 12 objects which are labeled in the images below with numbers 1 through 12.

The images presented below are of size 240 mm x 240 mm.

Figure 1: Axial cuts through the artifact phantom. The phantom is shown at four different view angles such that four of the five cones are cut by the view plane. The dashed yellow lines show intersection of the two clip planes with the image planes. The red arrows depict the z-positions of the three transaxial views shown in figure 2.



Figure 1: Transaxial images at the z-positions depicted in figure 1.
The dashed yellow line shows the intersection of the bottom clip plane with the image plane.


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