Low Contrast Phantom
Author: Stefan Schaller, Siemens


Figure 1: Low Contrast Phantom.


The aim of this phantom is to study low-contrast detectability properties of cone-beam image reconstruction algorithms based on simulations.

Phantom Description

Our phantom is based on the CATPHAN ™ CTP515 Low Contrast Phantom. It contains supra-slice and sub-slice insets. The body is a cylinder of water equivalent material with diameter 20cm. The insets are cylinders with contrasts of 3, 5, and 7 HU respectively. The length of the supra-slice insets is the same as of the outer cylinder, namely 100cm. The sub-slice insets are 3, 5 and 7mm long. The low-contrast objects are placed 2.5cm resp. 5 cm off-center.

[1] Catphan  Manual, The Phantom Laboratory Inc., Legrys Road, Cambridge, NY 12816, June 1997. 


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